Why Choose ByPass Host

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, running your business is hard enough. Sometimes finding that perfect host takes so much time, that it becomes a job unto itself. You serach the web, read the posted info, try to understand the jargon, and finally settle on contacting a few to ask questions.

If they respond, most do not answer all your questions or they fail to disclose some very important information. They do this so that you will sign up and by the time you discover the truth, any guarantee period is over.

We have been online marketers for over 4 years and truly understand what is needed. In the 4 years we have had hosts all around the world, developed many business niches, and watched as  hosting company after hosting company was literally destroying our efforts.

About 6 months ago, we finally realized that we needed to be in control of our hosting environment and what was needed. As it turns out what we needed so did many others. After lots of research into shared hosting, reseller hosting, and even VPS solutions, we started our own hosting company and Bypass Host was resurected!

    • So if you are sick and tired of all the games and half truths that you get from other hosting companies.


    • Don’t want to waste anymore time searching for a hosting company that actually wants your business to succeed.


    • Want a hosting company that treats you like a customer and not a number.


    • Want  a hosting company that doesn’t try to BS you, but tells you the truth.


    • Need a hosting company that does NOT oversell their servers.


Then you need to become our next client. This way you can do what you need to, concentrate on – Running your business!

We include a very nice “Welcome Package” of training, SEO memberships, a complete “Under Construction” ministe, premium themes at no charge, and other items that we sincerely wanted our former hosts to provide- BUT THEY FAILED!

We Don’t Want Everbody’s Business…

  ……….. Just Yours!!!

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